Thursday, March 26, 2009

Daddy and Isla

They were really into the basketball game!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Where has it gone?

Our bed stold all her hair!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Islas cousins

Isla has many cousins but shes closest to two of them. One from my side, another from Bee's side. Kaylin whos Isla's cousin from my side is 2 months older than her. AnnMarie from Bee's side is a whole year older.

It took her about two months to warm up to Isla, but its the cutest thing to see. Its a love and hate thing between them two. Anma will secretly pull Islas hair then rest her head on hers and say "AHII". When shes not being mean to her she truly does treats her like a doll. The minute she sees her she bombards her car seat. Anma loves to "carry" her and give her kisses with a big "WAH" at the end. All day she screams her name. Its funny because she says it better than other adults I know. Even though at times she throws in some Islo's instead of Isla.
One of their first pictures together.

She didn't love her yet.

These are too cute to not put them all up...

She was crying because they were taking Isla away from her.

AnnMarie and her looked allot alike when she was born. Not too much now but they do have some resemblances.

Anma on the left and Isla on the right

Kaylin on the other hand is still to young to even notice there is someone else around. Although the other day they did have somewhat of a conversation. It consisted of "agough", spit bubbles and smiles, but it sure was something to see. So for now we will dress them up alike in cute little outfits that they can look back on in the future and laugh about how corny we were.
Outfits courtesy of grandma Esther.She crocheted both dresses for the girls(had to throw in some free advertisement for her there)

They both fit in my arms, I wonder how long.

so maybe there is a love and hate relationship here as well.

If this picture can talk it would say-
Isla-"get out of my boppy Kaylin or ill hit you"
Kaylin-"oh no don't hit me, titi get me out "

Don't mind the fabulous background.

Cant wait to see what we have in store for our family as they grown older.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Friday, March 13, 2009

3 months

3 months ago..

I slept 8 hour nights
I wore clean clothes
I wasn't afraid of anything
I was able to get up and go
I didn't smell like breast milk all the time
Noggin wasn't my favorite channel
I didn't know using the bathroom would become my only alone time
I didn't know soon enough I was going to alter my whole wardrobe
I didn't dread washing bottles
I didn't look forward to trips to Babies R Us and Target
I didn't look forward to monthly sessions at JcP and Sears portrait studios
Dry cheeks wasn't my main concern
Long fingernail's didn't worry me
I didn't take pictures daily that weren't of me
I didn't have long lashes batting at me
Tiny Bright dresses and tights didn't fill my closet
I didn't wake up to a smiling baby
I didn't have my Isla.
Isla is 3 months today. Time has definitely gone by to quickly.