Friday, June 26, 2009


Its 8:50am. I am almost never up this early, unless I have something to do. And today I do!! Isla is at her aunts house and my friend Elizabeth is coming over. Her sons birthday party is tomorrow and I have the pleasure of decorating his cake. The cake is a 3 tiered Dominican cake with a fruity filling covered in color full fondant. The theme of the party is Diego so there will be lots of animal print.

I learned how to make my own fondant on YouTube. You can learn wonders on google. :) Ive done a few cakes some for friends and also my baby shower cake(I did everything for my baby shower, I'm way to picky!!).

Before I did my baby shower cake I did a practice cakes.

And this is the cake I did for the baby shower. Its hard to tell but the smaller cake is pink with green stripes, the medium one is green with pink stripes and the big one is white with black stripes.

I also did a ladybug cake for my Isla aunt.

So if anyone needs a cake and lives in or near New York call me!! ;)

P.S. Still cant believe that M.J died. R.I.P

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good girl

Not for nothing but after the "incident" that happened last week she has been on a roll!! Literally on a roll. She wont stop rolling. The minute you lay her down shes off! She was turning over before but only from her belly to her back. Now she turns over from her back onto her belly then over to her back then over and over and over until we pull her foot back over to the middle of the bed. It funny because she always gets her arm stuck when she gets on her belly and you see her wiggle it out.

(can you see the stuck arm?)
She also says PAPA!! That trader!! It started as "papa" but now turned into "Dada" and sometime "TaTa". Its the cutest thing when she says it! She looks like a frog.

She also CUT A TOOTH!!!!!!!

So that's rolling over, saying "papa", and a tooth all in one week!! Take your time baby girl. Your growing up to fast! I promise not to drop you again, if you promise not to grow to quickly!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poor baby

What a day we had yesterday!

Isla met some family that came up from Florida. Her older cousins Jayden and Anthony are the absolute cutest little boys ever!! They immediately fell in love with each other. Lets not forget Titi Kim, Isla couldn't stop smiling with her.
20 minutes after we got there it all went down hill. I placed Isla on a bench with Anthony, while someone ran after Jayden, and my cousin prepared the camera. I turned my back for 2 seconds to put my water in her stroller...then it happened! I heard my family screaming "Ahi ahi ahi" I go to look at the bench and Anthony is sitting there alone. I look at the hard floor and Isla is laying. I quickly pick her up and begin to sooth her. I can not believe that happened!!

I felt and still do feel horrible! How could I leave her there unattended!! and "Oh shit!! Bradley is going to kill me!!"

OK so long story short...We took her to the doctors and everything was fine! Bradley didn't kill me! :)

She got a bump on her forehead, a scrap on her nose and a small cut on her lip. She took it like a big girl!!

Back to Jay and Anthony. When we got back they played together and took some of the pictures we were originally trying to take.

Before the craziness. My cousins Rochelle and Kim.

Do you see how much Anthony was interested in her.

Way before me I had Isla, I told Bee that if we did have any kids I thought they would look like Anthony. Ant has long lashes and so do we, Anthony's skin color resembles ours, the droopiness of the eyes, Bees drop like that just not as much. Now I knew I wasn't crazy because Kim told me that Isla looks like Ant did when he was that age. And they kind of do in this picture.

Check them out looking at each other

I can totally see them looking after Isla the way their dad did for me.

This is the only decent picture I could get of the two of them. They are so active!!

And just to show I'm not crazy..a picture of Anthony when he was younger. Can you see it??


Bradley's brother thinks its hilarious that I want to feed Isla this is what he did...
My beautiful niece AnnMarie...This is how she likes to chow down!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Baby wearing stash

Its time to show off your stash!! That is your baby wearing stash!! Stephanie over at started it and I decided to play along.
My "stash" is quiet small. I only have 3 carriers but use 2.
I have a Maya wrap. I used it allot when she was smaller. She liked the cradle position now she refuses to be like that unless shes breastfeeding.

Now I mainly use my Ergo. Before it made my back hurt but then some people told me to wear it further down on my hips and I swear I can wear her all day!

I won a Meeup from another blog I stalk read all the time It has a beautiful flower print. I don't have any pictures of it yet.

I think this picture is hilarious. When I was 38 weeks pregnant with Isla I tried to make a Moby wrap. Didn't go to well!! lol I put my niece Kaylin in it but have yet to put Isla and probably never will.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Bag lady

My little bag lady Isla.
That's what we got when we tried putting her back in for some more pictures.
(If Isla and AnnMarie could talk)
**Don't mind the 1940's sewing machine in the back I borrowed it from my mom, or the safe dangerous cords hanging from the TV***
I:Look at the camera AnnMarie
A:Okay enough get off of me.
I:What ever
A:Tickle tickle Isla
A:Alright I'm done now.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Isla got her first bra!! Its a little big on her but she'll grow into it! :)

Friday, June 5, 2009

First tag

How cool is that!!! :) I was tagged by Heather at (not good at the html here yet..myspace is much easier!)

ok the rules are.....
1. go to your photo files
2. open the sixth folder
3. open and upload the sixth picture
4. write a story about that picture
5. tag six people
(took the rules from Heathers page)

So here it is
I think its funny that after my last post about laundry this picture was the one I had to choose. This was a few months back(probably the last time I did laundry :D). Isla was asleep on her boppy with mountains of folded laundry behind her waiting to be put away.

I tag EVERYONE!! Have fun!!!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Laudry night

We finally did laundry last night! At 11pm, 8 huge bags and a baby in tow! FUN FUN FUN!!! We tend to always do our laundry at night because except a few crazy people we're the only ones there. I think the best part was bringgingdragging all of the bag 3 flights up. We finished everything at 3:30am. The baby stayed up the whole night making it much more difficult to get things done.

All that matters is that we finally got it done. Hopefully we will learn to do laundry every 2 weeks atleast.
Isla in the laundromats carts...
This made me think back when I was younger I got stiches under my eye for riding one of these carts. I was on the cart and one of the other little kids at the laundromat pushed me so hard I flew off the cart landing on glass. I remember rinsing my eye out in one of the sinks, then rushing off to the emergency room. That was the first time I got a stiches. Iwore a patch under my eye for some time.
Now you cant tell that I have stiches, they blend in perfectly with the wrinkles under my left eye. :)