Friday, March 13, 2009

3 months

3 months ago..

I slept 8 hour nights
I wore clean clothes
I wasn't afraid of anything
I was able to get up and go
I didn't smell like breast milk all the time
Noggin wasn't my favorite channel
I didn't know using the bathroom would become my only alone time
I didn't know soon enough I was going to alter my whole wardrobe
I didn't dread washing bottles
I didn't look forward to trips to Babies R Us and Target
I didn't look forward to monthly sessions at JcP and Sears portrait studios
Dry cheeks wasn't my main concern
Long fingernail's didn't worry me
I didn't take pictures daily that weren't of me
I didn't have long lashes batting at me
Tiny Bright dresses and tights didn't fill my closet
I didn't wake up to a smiling baby
I didn't have my Isla.
Isla is 3 months today. Time has definitely gone by to quickly.

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Anonymous said...

I so loveeeeee this page and i loveeeee your poem. It is so cute. But it is amazing right, the way a baby changes your life. It's incredible. Keep going mamaz, I'm very proud of you...You're doing a great job as a momma and a wife!! Love you!!!