Monday, May 11, 2009

Headbands, a leak, and mothers day

I'm the type of person that if I want something I'm going to get it. And if it cost to much, Ill just make my own. :) Some people on Etsy sell the most adorable headbands. I noticed how easy it looked to make them, so I bought a mess of flowers from a seller and made them. I spent $5 to make a headband that cost $18. Ive made one for just about every outfit she has!

In other news...This is what we woke up to at 4am.

There was a leak. May I mention that our bed is under the light. AHHHH to live in New York City!!!

Oh my gummy bear. The reason I now celebrate this holiday. My very first mothers day! I still cant believe it!

Our family on mothers day. This is the only picture I have of all 3 of us this day, that is why Isla is crying, and my camera strap is in the way.

And just because it was mother day, a picture of my mom, Isla, Kaylin, and I. Can you see the resemblance between my mom and I.

I hope all mothers enjoyed their mothers day!


Brandy said...

great pictures. And I love the headbands - you did a fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

Your daughter is gorgeous! And what cute headbands.

As for the water... did it really drip on you?! Yuck!

Heather said...

Those two pictures of you and your little one are gorgeous!