Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Poor baby

What a day we had yesterday!

Isla met some family that came up from Florida. Her older cousins Jayden and Anthony are the absolute cutest little boys ever!! They immediately fell in love with each other. Lets not forget Titi Kim, Isla couldn't stop smiling with her.
20 minutes after we got there it all went down hill. I placed Isla on a bench with Anthony, while someone ran after Jayden, and my cousin prepared the camera. I turned my back for 2 seconds to put my water in her stroller...then it happened! I heard my family screaming "Ahi ahi ahi" I go to look at the bench and Anthony is sitting there alone. I look at the hard floor and Isla is laying. I quickly pick her up and begin to sooth her. I can not believe that happened!!

I felt and still do feel horrible! How could I leave her there unattended!! and "Oh shit!! Bradley is going to kill me!!"

OK so long story short...We took her to the doctors and everything was fine! Bradley didn't kill me! :)

She got a bump on her forehead, a scrap on her nose and a small cut on her lip. She took it like a big girl!!

Back to Jay and Anthony. When we got back they played together and took some of the pictures we were originally trying to take.

Before the craziness. My cousins Rochelle and Kim.

Do you see how much Anthony was interested in her.

Way before me I had Isla, I told Bee that if we did have any kids I thought they would look like Anthony. Ant has long lashes and so do we, Anthony's skin color resembles ours, the droopiness of the eyes, Bees drop like that just not as much. Now I knew I wasn't crazy because Kim told me that Isla looks like Ant did when he was that age. And they kind of do in this picture.

Check them out looking at each other

I can totally see them looking after Isla the way their dad did for me.

This is the only decent picture I could get of the two of them. They are so active!!

And just to show I'm not crazy..a picture of Anthony when he was younger. Can you see it??

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Brandy said...

oh no. poor baby. accidents happen. Grayson sleeps with us and last night I woke up and realized his lower half was hanging off the bed and I was the only thing holding him on.