Sunday, September 13, 2009

9 months

9 months ago I gave birth to this beauty!

WTH why is time going by so quickly?!

My baby is turning into a big girl.

She eats just about everything. Honestly she never says no to anything.
She does this shy thing when someone else comes around, she will lay her head on my chest or what ever is closer to her. Can I just say CUTEST THING EVER!!
She says papa, dada, tata anything that has to do with daddy. No mama!!

She crawls/drags herself. Sometimes shes lazy doesn't want to pick her head up that's when she drags herself.
Her favorite shows are Yo Gabba Gabba, Blues clues, and Jacks big music show.

She has a temper. OH BOY does she have one!! She was once this quiet baby that didn't cry much. Now I dare you to take what she has in her hands or refuse to give her what you're eating, it will not be a pretty sight!

She waves and claps.

She loves AnnMarie, all little kids in fact. She screech's when they're around.

Isla likes to play this "game" where she throws what ever she has in her hands off the bed and waits for you to pick it up and if you take to long she will try to go get it. She is the only one that like to play this game. Bee and I do not!

She plays this other game where she crawls away from you laughing because she wants you to chase her. Can I say it again CUTEST THING EVER!

She wants to be with her mama 98% of the time. I cant blame her we are best friends. Shes my everything. I may want a break here and there but I always come running back.


Jasmine said...

seriously... she is one of the most beautiful babies I have EVER seen....

The Carney's said...

Such a sweet post and what a beautiful baby girl she is. I can relate to you in so many ways and I truly believe that there is no greater thing than the love between a mother and her child :-)

Brandy said...

happy 9 months. don't us mama's always come runnin back?

Heather said...

Motherhood is amazing isn't it...and they just grow up way too fast! Gia has just started doing the throwing thing because I made the stupid mistake of saying "uh oh" when she dropped something off her highchair one she purposely does it then say's "uh oh". Like you and your hubby I'm not so fond of the game either, lol.