Monday, April 27, 2009

Long week

This past week was so busy! Heres a list of things that happened.
-"Clean" the house(more like push my mess over to a side)
-Wait for our long awaited sofas.
-Celebrate our aniversary.
-Trade babies.
-Go to the gym, scratch that. Play with the baby.
Like I said we finally recieved our sofas. We had to wait 5 weeks for them, even though they were already paid in full. At last our guest dont have to sit on our bed.


The weather here is beautiful!!! I know I said that already, but it was so hot the weekend that I had to repeat it. We spent our sunday afternoon at the park. Isla was her daddys cheerleader. Poor baby she was so hot we had to take all her clothes off. I like to see her in her pamper anyways. lol


My sister in law and I decided(mainly me) to trade babies for a day. A friend of mine and I went to the childrens mueseum I took Anma with me, while Silvia stayed home with Isla.

The slide was a hit she loved it! Besides the plastic balls it was one of the only things she really knew how to play with.Anma and Christiann on the slide together.We had some moments like this.
We ended everything like this. Can you believe that I did not get ONE picture of this little girl smiling or looking at the camera. It as if she has a reflex to turn her head the minute she sees a camera.

The mueseum was a lot of fun, but it was at the children stores near the mueseum where I had the most fun. Left me broke, but I'd do it all over again. With more money ofcourse! :)
When you leave baby with daddy because you want a few minutes alon, these things happen.

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Brandy said...

great pictures. the last one is very interesting. what exactly does her forehead say?