Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Baby baby

Baby baby baby. Seems like I never have anything else to write about if its not about her. When you spend so much time with someone its hard not to only speak about them.
Isla in her monkey stance. lol Shes trying! Hopefully soon enough she will be able to sit up. If not she will have to monkey it out. : )
Someone please tell her that crack is whack!--------------------------------------------------------

Poor girl she cried right before this picture. See that hair bow was hanging on by a strand of hair, and I did just about anything to get it on. I cant get enough of girly things. Hair bows, headbands and tights! The longer the hair the bigger the bow. I cant wait for her hair to get a little longer. Etsy Is going to leave me broke. I just finished buying a mess of girly things like these. They are Itty bitty baby clippies hopefully these will hold on. Until then headbands it is!

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Brandy said...

love the pictures. she's so adorable. I think fate knew better than to give me a girl. I would be SUPER poor all the time. I mean you get to buy bows and tutus and ruffle panties and girly frilly things. I'm so jealous.