Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wheres Isla, bobo thief, and my weight.

Time to play..Where's Waldo (Isla edition)..

Did you find her yet?
Here's a better look..

Oh there she is! Inside of a Home Depot shopping cart.

She was a tad bit offended by the picture taking.
Ladies and gentlemen we have found the bobo thief!
She attempted giving her the bobo..
She contemplated..
She took it!
Off of the baby subject for a bit, I officially joined Weight Watcher and Lucille Robert with a friend today. For breastfeeding a newborn does not make you lose the baby weight(DO NOT BELIEVE THE HYPE), there's a long awaited trip in the summer with too many skinny bitch's, and I need to not lose all my breath before I reach the front door of my building to then go up 3 more flights of stairs! I will try to keep everyone posted as for I know there are family member reading that would like to see if the family tradition will keep on or will my child bearing hips actually stop growing. Stay tuned.


Brandy said...

Cute story about the little bobo thief. The pictures capture it perfectly. Good luck with Weight Watchers. I'm down 3 lbs (over 6 weeks) lol.

Anonymous said...

haha i loveee ur page...i can not stress it enough!! My Isla is getting so big.


Anonymous said...

i breastfeeding does make u loose weight because ur body burns calorie to make milk...SEARCH IT!! lol its been confirmed. I'm really glad though that you're doing something for yourself; joining the Weight Watchers & Lucille Roberts!! Good Luck. Love u Sister!

parentingBYdummies said...

Before I prattle on about skinny bitches, let me just say that your girls are ADORABLE! What cuties. And, in my experience breast feeding does kinda help you lose weight, just not very much, and it doesn't stay gone very long, and you gain it back the minute the words time to wean pop into you mind. What works even better? Breastfeeding while on WW. I did it last year and lost 40lbs! You can eat way more food than a nonnursing mom. It's pretty freakin' awesome. So, look out skinny bitches, here you come!