Friday, June 26, 2009


Its 8:50am. I am almost never up this early, unless I have something to do. And today I do!! Isla is at her aunts house and my friend Elizabeth is coming over. Her sons birthday party is tomorrow and I have the pleasure of decorating his cake. The cake is a 3 tiered Dominican cake with a fruity filling covered in color full fondant. The theme of the party is Diego so there will be lots of animal print.

I learned how to make my own fondant on YouTube. You can learn wonders on google. :) Ive done a few cakes some for friends and also my baby shower cake(I did everything for my baby shower, I'm way to picky!!).

Before I did my baby shower cake I did a practice cakes.

And this is the cake I did for the baby shower. Its hard to tell but the smaller cake is pink with green stripes, the medium one is green with pink stripes and the big one is white with black stripes.

I also did a ladybug cake for my Isla aunt.

So if anyone needs a cake and lives in or near New York call me!! ;)

P.S. Still cant believe that M.J died. R.I.P


Brandy said...

wow that's talent! love them.

Brandy said...

since I don't have your email - i'll post my cricut answer here. I actually bought it online at hallmark scrapbook - I think? I bought it when the brandnew expression came out. I love it and recommend. you should keep an eye out on craigslist though.

Heather said...

I'm amazed by those cakes you made! They are gorgeous! And that picture of you and your guy standing behind them is gorgeous too, what a hot mommy! :)