Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Good girl

Not for nothing but after the "incident" that happened last week she has been on a roll!! Literally on a roll. She wont stop rolling. The minute you lay her down shes off! She was turning over before but only from her belly to her back. Now she turns over from her back onto her belly then over to her back then over and over and over until we pull her foot back over to the middle of the bed. It funny because she always gets her arm stuck when she gets on her belly and you see her wiggle it out.

(can you see the stuck arm?)
She also says PAPA!! That trader!! It started as "papa" but now turned into "Dada" and sometime "TaTa". Its the cutest thing when she says it! She looks like a frog.

She also CUT A TOOTH!!!!!!!

So that's rolling over, saying "papa", and a tooth all in one week!! Take your time baby girl. Your growing up to fast! I promise not to drop you again, if you promise not to grow to quickly!


The Carney's said...

Wow, that really has been a busy week for her. Way to go!!! She'll be crawling before you know it. Mine are all rollers too and they are trying soo hard to crawl :-)

Brandy said...

the babbling is so cute. love it. I can't wait until grayson is more of a chatterbox.